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Vandas include, Rhyncostylis, Aerides, Ascocentrum and include many intergeneric crosses.  These orchids belong to the same alliance and are generally known as Vandaceous orchids

They are monopodials which mean they have a single, continuously lengthening main stem.

The tall ones will need staking as they climb using aerial roots

The leaves are varied from strap and deeply grooved to almost cylindrical which is called terete.  In between is called semi-terete.

They grow well outside in Brisbane and they love air movement, particularly around their roots.

Are Epiphytic therefore love growing on trees.

Can be grown in pots or wooden slatted baskets (if and when they are small)

Some like the terete leaved ones will take full sun

Their root system is very adventurous therefore no medium need be used.

They will produce side shoots when mature

Because they do not have pseudo bulbs they need constant moisture during the warmer months.

Love humidity, so growing near water or damping down around them is important.

Some are tropical plants and therefore do not like temperatures lower than 15 degrees Celsius in winter.

The flowers are produced on racemes or spikes which originate from the main stems.

Is best done between September and March

Use a pot or basket that will just accommodate their roots

Terracotta pots or wooden slatted hanging baskets are best

There is no need to use any potting medium

Plants will need to be misted daily during warmer months

They can be grown in the garden on a raised bed of rocks, crocks and logs

They are propagated by stem cuttings below an aerial root once the plant has reached a good height ( approx. one metre)

They can also develop side shoots which can be removed once they have attained a good size.

Cut the stem with a sharp knife on a slant.

The Dendrobium beetle loves the flowers of the Vandas and a daily check is needed during the warmer months.
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