Iris versicolour
Knifofia Red Hot Pokers
Scadoxus multiflorus
Clivea miniata
Lycoris aurea
Bulbs, Corms and Rhizomes grown at Coucals
Bulb Growing Hints
1.Bulbs, Rhizomes, Corms and Tubers are:
a.Are underground food storage structures
b.Food reserves enable the plant to survive adverse conditions
c.Cycle through vegetative and reproductive growth stages
d.Small bulbs can develop or propagate from a large bulb
a.Soil must be well drained or else the bulbs will rot
b.Raising the garden bed will help drainage
c.Any good fertile soil, add well rotted manure or compost to improve
d.PH neutral
e.Most of the South African bulbs grow naturally in sand
f.The depth of the bulb is important.  Some bulbs like their necks above ground level
g.Consider light, some prefer shade and some full sun
h.Mulch is good for most bulbs but there are exceptions, particularly the bulbs that like their necks above ground level often do not like mulch.
3.Maintenance of Bulbs
a.I donít cut the flower stems off, I let them die back on the plant
b.Bulbs will form a clump after a few years and when the clump gets too big, flowering will diminish
c.This is the time to lift, separate and replant
d.Do this when they are dormant
e.Use a spade to dig around the perimeter of the clump and then a fork to lift
f.Shake off the excess soil and separate by pulling apart.
g.You can replant in smaller clumps or single bulbs
h.Replenish the soil again with compost or well rotted manure prior to planting
1. Propagating Bulbs
a. Flowers will produce seed and this can be sown to grow more plants.  This is a longer process to flowering.
b. Bulbs can be divided by digging up, separating and re planting
c. A rhizome or tuber can be cut into  sections.  Dry the cut rhizome or tuber in a shady spot for a day or two before planting.
d. Make sure that the piece of rhizome or tuber has some roots and buds or leaves
e. Plant to the same depth
2. Problems:
a. Amaryllis lily borer
b. A lot lose their leaves so remember where you plant them
c. some need support as they are tall and floppy
d. Many come from africa where they grow in sand which is free draining and do not like mulch around their base
Common Name Botanical Name
Nodding Violet
Lime, metal
Snake plant
Kangaroo Paw
Freesia syn Lapeirousia
Renga Renga lily
Leopard Lily
Native Leek
Angel Wings
Kaffir Lily
Nodding clivea
African lily

Tree Dahlia

Wedding Gladioli
Gladioli orange
Storm Lily
White Paintbrush
Day lily
Spring Hippeastrum
Autumn Hippeastrum

Bog Iris
Red Hot Pokers
Lousiana Iris
Walking Iris
Marvel of Peru
Pregnant onion
Purple Oxalis
Cardwell Lily
Orange Hippeastrum
Paint brush lily
Calla Lily
Autumn Crocus
Agapanthus praecox
Amorphophallus bulbifer
Anomatheca laxa
Arthropodium cirrhatum
Belamcanda chinensis
Bulbine vagans
Clivia miniata
Clivia nobilis
Crinum moorei
Crinum powellii
Dahlia hybrids
Dahlia Imperialis
Dietes bicolor
Gladioli blushing bride
Gladioli dalenii
Haemanthus albiflos
Hemerocallis hybrids
Hippeastrum reticulatum
Iris tectorum
Iris versicolour
Lousiana iris
Neomarica gracilis
Mirabilis jalapa
Oxalis triangularis
Proiphys amboinensis
Rhodophiala chilense
Scadoxus multiflorus
Zantedeschia aethopica
Zephranthes candida
Arthropodium Renga Renga Lily
Gladioli delanii is an autumn flower and like so many Afican bulbs, dislikes mulch
Belamcanda chinensis
Haemanthus albiflos