GREENPOINT BIODIVERSITY GARDENS  The whole area is a rock shelf and the soil is only about a metre deep and a large area is wetland so sand was added to the clay. 
We were lucky to be able to get a first-hand look at the fynbos at TABLE MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK, where we were joined by 4 keen botanists and walked 7 kilometres through the park
KIRSTENBOSCH NATIONAL BOTANIC GARDEN is surrounded by a wall of mountains with wide paths and gently rolling hills showcasing a wonderful mix of plantings.
STELLENBERG As we moved into the main house yard we were amazed by the gleaming white garden burgeoning with foxgloves, penstemon, lilliums, agapanthus and iceberg roses
GREYSTONES The plants contained many rare species including Mimetes Stokeoa, Ceratopetalum gumniferum and Gardenia thunbergia which has to have its seed go through the intestine of a rhinoceros to germinate.
SOETVLEI Pierre de Ronsard and Crepescule roses looked extremely healthy draped around the rows of white pillars as did the perennials of gaura, salvias and many annuals
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